Analysis, Learning & Dissemination

As a REDD pilot project, one of our main goals is to contribute lessons, learning and experiences that will help inform the shape the development of REDD at both project levels as well as national and even international development. Therefore, we aim to make information about our project – both successes and failures – available to the broader public. We also make sure that this information is useful at a policy level, helping to inform policy decisions.

Policy Context Analysis

Each year we have analysed the latest policy context, national and international for REDD and REDD-related activities. Here are our analyses.

Policy Engagement

On many occasions MCDI has teamed up with the other Tanzanian REDD pilot projects to provide policy recommendations to the National REDD Task Force about Tanzania’s National REDD Strategy and its international positions on REDD.  In addition, we have made recommendations to the international community about various REDD issues, such as standards and safeguards, financial mechanisms and monitoring, reporting and validation processes. Below are links to some policy recommendations in which MCDI played a key role in helping to draft:


MDCI has also teamed up with the REDD pilot projects to share information about specific topics, such as benefit sharing or gender issues, as well as to share updates from the field.  Here are links to some of the publications we’ve contributed to:


Once the project is complete, we hope that its model will be directly replicable in other districts in south-eastern Tanzania with substantial timber stocks.  However, we also hope that the model, or parts of it, will be applicable across the Miombo belt of east and southern Africa (roughly 2.8 million km2), and more broadly across tropical dry forest ecosystems.  Additionally, the new VCS method will be accessible to anyone wishing to fund fire management in such ecosystems via the carbon market.